Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations - BC Wildfire Service

The province is divided into six Fire Centres: Coastal, Northwest, Prince George, Southeast, Kamloops, and Cariboo which are each responsible for wildfire management within their area of responsibility.

Fire Centres provide administrative, wildfire suppression and aviation services to all staff within their area of operation. Fire Centres are staffed by forest officers, dispatchers, fire fighters and support staff who coordinate wildfire prevention, detection and suppression activities.

Each Fire Centre is divided into Zones and within each zone there are one or more fire bases. Fire fighters are dispatched from the bases, which are strategically located so as to provide even coverage throughout the province.

More detailed information on Fire Centres and Zones can be found on the WMB Organizational Overview Map or by clicking on the Fire Center on the map below.

Northwest Coastal (Charlottes) Prince George Coastal Cariboo Kamloops Southeast